Welcome Writers!

Our next meeting will be on April 11th and will be held at the Palmer Library, 1 Weller Place, Easton PA

Meetings begin at 10AM.  Bring a notebook, laptop, whatever you wish along with your ideas.

This month, author Stephanie Julian will be presenting her program on world building techniques.  We hope you can join us!

May Meeting

In May,  we were graced with the presence of the ever lovely Judi Fennell.  Her insight into self-publishing was both intriguing and inspirational and members were able to ask many questions that weighed on their minds about this topic.

Delving into the obstacles and issues writers will face in this growing form of publication, she was able to clarify the process and make it seem so easy.

She also shared stories of her books, how they were created and how she decided to self-publish.


April Meeting

This month we had a lovely time exploring world-building with Stephanie Julian.  Whether building a fantasy world in some far off, mystical land or writing a sci fi thriller in a well known city, she helped us to clarify how to go about the process.

There was more to it than many of us had realized and her guidance was both helpful and interesting.  Of course, we digressed into many fun and thrilling topics and we all had questions to keep the chatter going.

So a huge thank you to Stephanie for joining us and giving light to our new worlds!

March Meeting

In March we had a fabulous meeting at member Kathy Kulig’s beautiful Victorian home.  Several members attended and we spent many hours doing a brainstorming round robin over wine and laughter.

It was a wonderful day filled with great ideas and intriguing plot twists.

We want to thank Kathy for opening her home to us.  We all had a marvelous time.

February Meeting

acjamesSeveral brave members came out into the blustery cold and snow to attend our Valentine’s Day meeting.  We welcomed two guests, Jessica and Rachel, and after our general meeting, our own Julie Lemardy presented her  talk regarding marketing and how to get your work on best seller lists.

The information was priceless and we all came away with much to work with.  The presentation will be later posted to the members RWA forums for those who would like to see it.

January Meeting

Welcome to 2015!  We started the new year with a bang, discussing expected guest speakers, programs for members and ideas for future events.  We then held a round robin brainstorming session and got to touch on each members current WIP allowing for ideas and laughter to flow freely.

There is so much to look forward to in the coming months and the excitement is palpable within our ranks.  Keep the electricity going, Ladies.  It’s going to be one hell of a ride this year!