April Meeting

Our April meeting was met with great enthusiasm with the induction of member Julie Lemardy into PRO and with the word that several others have started with PRO or PAN proceedings.  We also welcomed some new faces and the level of excitement in the air was palpable.  That excitement carried over into our speaker event when Terry Lee, Hollywood Producer extraordinaire, discussed in depth the nuances of protagonists and antagonists and their subtle dance around one other.  His presentation triggered so many questions and ideas that discussions as to redrafts of heroes and villains is still going on among members.

Next month we welcome Robert Mendoza, who will discuss graphic aesthetics in covers and illustrations.  As a long time graphic artist in the New York Publishing arena, his insight will go along way in showing members and guests how to make their work shine.

March Meeting

This month, PLRW “march”ed into Spring with a great workshop given by our own Julie Lemardy on InDesign Software. She gave an excellent slide presentation accompanied by simple instructions to help neophytes and veterans alike navigate the brave, new world of self publishing. I completely understand why so many authors are going this route with their stories. I’m telling you, it can be done. Of course, the main goal of PLRW is to support our members.

So whether your dream is being published by a traditional publisher, a small press, or doing it yourself, we’ll help you get there.

See you in April!

February Meeting

Members gathered on a chilly Saturday in February to discuss the year ahead and to just see one another face to face.  You see, for most of us in the NE corner of PA and NW corner of NJ, we hadn’t seen another soul in weeks due to the incessant dumping of snow over several weeks.  It was pretty obvious that our membership was struggling with cabin fever and it was wonderful to sit down and chat.  After our regular meeting, members gathered for an impromptu  brainstorming session and all those creative minds, having been cooped up for over a month, let loose.

It was fabulous to get out and even more fabulous to see one another and be creative together. Let’s keep the momentum going, ladies.  See you next month.

Welcome Writers!

There will be no meeting in December.  Our next meeting will be on November 8th at the Palmer Library in Easton.

Meetings begin at 10AM and new members are encouraged to attend.

January Meeting

DJONES002-2Darynda-JonesNew York Times best selling author Darynda Jones gave an informative hour-long workshop via Connect that the participants have since entitled “Don’t Grab…Seduce: The Importance of a Strong Beginning for Romance Writers” (video archived and available for PLRW members).
Using examples from literary fiction, romance fiction and various popular films, Darynda explained the various techniques a writer can employ to win the empathy of the reader toward their character(s) in the first few pages. With both an insight and sense of humor worthy of Charley Davidson, her urban fantasy heroine, this author definitely succeeded in seducing a group of romance writers who were eating out of the palm of her hand by the time her talk was finished.Darynda-Jones